Conocer Misiones



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Destiny Misiones

conocer MisionesA unique and unforgettable experience, generous natural beauty, lush jungles, rivers, streams, waterfalls, mystical land, if any, privileged rich history created by the evangelizing missions Jesuit.

Visiting it is to enjoy its scenery, culture, entertainment, safe routes across the province,leading to charming nooks and crannies full of life, full of peace.


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Lodges in Misiones

Lodges de Misiones

The lodges in Missions offer a different way of accommodation, set in a natural environment, surrounded by lush vegetation, trees native to the jungle, rivers or streams.

Missions can be found in a wide variety of lodges, from those with a rustic style to the most sostificados. Staying in a lodge means contact with nature, and great food are closely linked to it, and the activities offered are jungle treks, bird watching, contact with Aboriginal villages, hiking in special vehicles, kayaking or canoes and more.


These houses are scattered throughout the province, with strong growth in quality and quantity.

You can stay in lodges in Iguazú to visit the majestic Iguazu Falls, near the falls of Moconá and Biosphere Yaboty among others.

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Cabins in Misiones

Cabañas en MisionesMissions offers many alternatives for those who want this type of accommodation. Many of them are directly linked to the natural environment that offers the landscape missionary, and will enjoy a stay on the banks of rivers and streams or in contact with the charm of the forest itself.

For those who prefer to stay in more urbanized areas, are the complex of cottages with a more comprehensive delivery services to tourists.

Holiday cottage offers a number of important advantages, comfort and freedom in a natural context for 4, 6 or 8 people, thereby reducing cost, more familiar environment and training facilities for children, for traditional grills roasted, air-conditioning, etc.



Cave India, history and tourism

gruta-india India's Grotto, located on the right bank of the Arroyo of the same name, 16 km from the town of Garuhape, in a region located in the middle of the forest belonging to the municipality. The beauty of the place is imponderable, featuring two great leaps the stream, which is the delight of tourists, as well as the lush vegetation.

This magnificent place is an icon not only attraction that has Misiones, has great significance for the history of the Argentine coast. According to radiocarbon dating of 3646 - 3982 cal yr BP, a human group is installed in the cave has not yet been possible to determine the time that these human groups remained in the Cave India, but if it was established that during the settlement, the inhabitants devoted to several tasks identified by the numerous remains found during excavations and are now in the Museo de la Ciudad de La Plata, Buenos Aires Province. In the late 60's was started by the first infrastructure, and as city park. Access stairs were built at the grotto and waterfalls, and home health care provider of the park.
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Wanda Gemstone

piedras-preciosas-wanda Wanda City, north of the province, besides being a hospitable city, elegant and its proximity to the majestic Iguazu Falls, is known for having a different and unique tourist attraction, deposits of precious stones.
Learn about these particular beauties, is traced to the Tertiary period, one hundred fifty million years ago, when it formed the Massif de Brasilia, consisting of eleven coladas, foundation on which rests the province, southern Brazil, northern Uruguay and part of Paraguay.
This basalt gave rise to the formation of gemstones available in Wanda, started its operation back in 1976 with the discovery of the first vein, and later became yaciemientos extraction, exploitation and tourist attraction.

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Posadas to Iguazu on Route 12

Ruta-12This important route linking Mesopotamia Argentina with the Province of Buenos Aires, was born in Zárate (Buenos Aires) and ends its journey of 1580 km in Puerto Iguazu(Misiones).
In this article we will travel that connects cities and towns from Posadas (Misiones apital) and Puerto Iguazú (Iguazú Falls )alongthe Paraná River along a 317 km., route with steep paths taken by the topography the province in good condition with third gauge sections making it very safe.
Let's start this journey from south to north, visiting several attractions in a fun andenjoyable trip.

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Misiones and their jumps

A guide to visit waterfalls located in different parts of the province of Misiones.

Misiones, our red earth, is magical, an incredible energy, a majestic naturewhere, Iguazú Falls and the Moconá Falls are unique and fascinating, howevertravel is to encounter missions more than 200 rivers and streams forming waterfallsand slides.
We invite you to know.

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